Let us perform, to help you perform... and this is how...

Let me keep this simple:

 - More than 14 years in Performing Arts experience, which includes:

    a) Sound (stage monitors, makeup-room/greenroom monitors, audience audio, etc.)

    b) Lighting (stage front lighting, stage backlighting, backdrop colour effects, gobo effects, etc.)

    c) Crew communication (wireless radios for easy and instant communication between crew)

    d) Microphones (We have 15+ wireless lapel personal microphones so that everyone (or almost) on stage will be heard. This is a severe advantage in the performing arts. However projection of their voice is still important, being mic'ed allows us to match everyone voice equally.)


   Feel free to ask us more questions and we will do our best to help achieve your sound and lighting dream. 



Being heard is important. Being heard well, is critical. With several years in understanding and perfecting the theater audio side of the performing arts gives us the advantage over our competitors. 


We have yet to be faced with an event where we couldn't give the audience enough sound. So don't worry, we have you covered.


We can promise you that the entire audience will be able to hear you perfectly. 


Lighting is what truly brings theatre to life. Proper aimed and set lights allow your audience to see everything that is on stage, down to the very last detail! This includes facial expressions, costumes, props, etc! 


We have a full stock of theatre lighting which will bring any stage to life. We offer this service to any kind of event such as talent shows, business events, etc. 


We can promise you, that if you want to be seen, you will be seen!


Some of the most important aspects in a performance are the things the audience DOESNT see! This includes your crew backstage keeping everything in line. 


Communication among these very important people is vital for cues and other ways of organizing each scene in your production. 


We offer very high quality radios with headsets in order to be sure nothing is missed.



Being heard is important. Being heard well, is critical; but we already told you that. 

Projection is very important in the performing arts; however, we make things easier for everyone. With over a dozen wireless lapel microphones (as well as multiple wireless hand held) we are able to control this vocal projection, perfectly. 


Our microphones are simple to use, very high quality, and quick enough to switch behind set. 


We promise you that if being heard is an issue, we will solve it.