MurphySound is here to bring your dream wedding to life. 
We want to be rated #1 for wedding DJ... so let us show you just how!
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With MurphySound, this day is your day!

Our packages provide convenient selection and also provides you with the opportunity to customize your own package. 

  • DURATION: 4 hours  

  • Basic Sound System

  • Basic LED lightingc

  • Complete Setup (1-hour before Dance) and take-down

  • Wireless Microphone(s) for Announcements

  • MurphySound OWNER Tanner Murphy as your DJ.ompMMyMur


What do we offer?
A list of packages!
  • DURATION: 8 hours

  • ULTIMATE Sound System! Everything we've got for Weddings! Full range speakers, Subs, and Room Surround Sound.

  • ULTIMATE LED lighting w/ Ulitmate Lasers, smoke, and other great effects to create a one of a kind dance floor.comp

  • Tanner Murphy, OWNER of MurphySound as your DJ

  • Complete Setup (Before Guests Arrive) and take-down

  • Wireless (or multiple) Microphone for Announcements and other activities throughout.

  • We will provide mic's for the MC's during the reception. Music during the dinner. Then of course, the best music in the city for the dance! 

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